Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Log Entry 28/06/10

During Periods One and Two we were lectured by Mrs Oxley about the Extended AS Course, which was now able to start running. Obviously this was the same course of which my Top Twenty Supermarionation Moments was going to be base around.

Mrs Oxley asked anyone who was interested in taking the course, was to go and see her and tell her. After talking to her she asked which teacher would suit best to monitor my project. I immediately thought of Ms Bostock as she was the teacher for Film and Media, and since my end result for the project was a documentary I felt she would make the best choice.

After talking with Ms Bostock she agree to be my supervisor for my project and we agreed next Friday we would have a session looking at what I had done so far on the project and what was going to be required of me to get my AS.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


The Various TV Series, which have come from Gerry Anderson’s imagination exploded into 1960’s British family homes, and have enthralled generations since.
Unfortunately, I was born in the 90’s, and was unable to experience the original exciting broadcasts that my parents were so fortunate to have experienced. However, I did manage to see the re-run broadcasts, which took place in 2000. I have a clear memory of watching the television while “Trapped In The Sky” was being shown on BBC 2. The room was darkly lit and my father was on the other sofa, ironing shirts.
Now a good few years on, at the age of 16, I still am a huge fan, with all the Supermarionation shows now available on DVD, and some interesting memorabilia, (whether there worth anything, is debatable). I can still watch the shows with the same enjoyment I got as a child, and now look at the episodes in more depth.
The Gerry Anderson Fan culture is fairly big and diverse, covering all ages. Trying to find people who are willing to express why they enjoy the shows, is hard. It is not like Doctor Who, where you can find countless websites and people putting real hard work into what they present to the world-wide web. I’m not saying you can’t find anything like that, from the Gerry Anderson fandom, it’s just harder to find.
It was while checking up on the Doctor Who Internet world, I saw tons of poles asking, “What’s Your Favourite______”. Some asking about different Doctors, Stories and Characters. This made me think ‘has anything been done like this in the world of Gerry Anderson?’ If anything, Thunderbirds had popped up in a few documentaries. It came 24th in “One Hundred Greatest Kids TV Shows” and the episode “Give or Take a Million” came 75th100 Greatest Christmas Moments”.
Documentaries about the shows themselves have been made, the most recent one being “All About Thunderbirds” that looked at the world of Gerry Anderson productions. There has never been a documentary that has even looked deeper, into particular episodes.
In my mind, I always wanted to make a documentary that looked at the favourite moments of Gerry Anderson TV shows. I had the technology and certainly the editing skills to do so, but I’m always coming up with project ideas, but most of the time they never get started, however this one had potential in my mind. Two main reasons had me still clinging onto the idea: One, I have the ability to do it, and two, it had never been done before (as far as I know).
It was whilst at Sixth Form, that a new course was going to be run, called “The Extended AS”. Where by any student who took the course would do independent research on any topic they liked. I decided I would take the course and do something Gerry Anderson related. My original idea was to compare the Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) movie with the TV Series and see why it wasn’t as popular. The problem with it is that it probably wouldn’t be a big enough project that the course required.
It was whilst sitting on the sofa in the living room when it hit me to do the documentary. So I came up with the idea that I would look at the top twenty moments. So you’re probably wondering, “If he’s going to make a documentary, why has he set up a blog account?” Because the course requires me to write mini essays on each moment explaining why they got into the top moments. And so my project begins